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MEYER Turku dock

MEYER's Turku dock's storage hall received new lights when the hall was being renovated. The old lights were changed to SteraLux LINEAR 100W LED lights. The change came with a much better lighting in the premises as the old, yellow lighting was changed to a cleare, white lighting. A good lighting is a precondition for a safe and smooth working process.

”The installation only took a few days", says the dock's process engineer Akseli Ruuhela. "The lighting was well-planned and could flexibly be changed along the way", he continues. Akseli works in the housing manufacturing logistics department and his tasks are related to logistics control and development.

The new lights consume much less energy than the old ones. Despite of that, they produce more light of better quality. The light amount, flux, in the new lights is 16 800 lumen. "Goog lighting is naturally important in a storage hall, so that it's easy to store and gather goods", Akseli says.

See product information: LINEAR 100W


In the photo Akseli Ruuhela from MEYER Turku dock and Jyrki Aaltonen from SteraLux sales team.

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