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Our LED-lights are suitable both for indoor and outdoor locations. Find suitable products using our product search or click to the product pages to read more.

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SteraLux AREA 480


SteraLux AREA 480


SteraLux LINEAR LED-lights are perfect fit for example for the storages and industrial locations. They are easy to install and have a long life span. The reported watt amount of the light is the maximum power amount. The luminous flux, lumen, describes the intensity of the light. *Power and luminous flux may vary +/- 10 %. Ask our experts for more details:

application: industry, storage, ports, parking areas, stadiums

power: 480 w *

luminous flux: 41000 lm *

installation height: >20  m

electrical number: 4506504

color temperature: 4000/5000 kelvin

installation: rail, hang, sealing, to the mast

lenght: 430  mm

width: 160  mm

frame colour options : aluminium, black

CRI (color rendering index) : >70

lighting control system options: DALI, on-off

weight: 12  max. kg

operating hours: > 50 000 hours

guarantee: 5 years

STUL guarantee: 2 years

country of origin: Finland

luminary: LED

protection class: Class I

IP Class: IP65

operating temperature: -40 °C- +35°C

beam angle: adjustable

frame material: aluminium

quality marks: CE

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